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Il CCF di Marisa Katnic ci scrive….prima della Corsa di Cicago per i ghepardi!


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Marisa Katnic’s (CCF San Diego Southern California Chapter) Page!
I’m raising money for this event: Run for the Cheetah – Chicago
My Message
I am completing the circle and travelling to Chicago to do the “Run for the Cheetah!” on April 23,2011, and I need your good heart and help to help me, help them and let’s together save the endangered cheetah from extinction!

Yes, the world’s fastest land animal, the sleek, beautiful and long-legged cheetah, Acinonyx Jubatus, is losing its race for survival. Once a common animal found on five continents, the cheetah is now an Endangered Species. We’ve only about 12,000 left in the wild. The loss of habitat, conflict with humans, as well as its own loss of genetic variation, are the main threats facing the cheetah today. The cheetah needs large expanses of land to survive, but with changes in land use and habitat pressures, such as bush encroachment, this area is becoming smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, captive breeding efforts have not proven meaningful to the cheetah’s hopes of survival.

Please help me with my conservation efforts and contribute your tax deductible donation of $5, $10, $20 or more and/or whatever you can give truly means “the world to me and is the world to them.” I would be forever grateful if you could help me help in this great cause and support for the benefit of the cheetah. I just can’t imagine a world without them. Can you? Support my passion, please, and let me carry your name along with me on April 23, 2011.

Many, many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this link to anyone that you think might want to donate too! Remember — the cheetah desperately needs our attention and help! Come join me and run with the cheetah in 2011!

To learn more about the Cheetah Conservation Fund (“CCF”) , visit and our newly formed Southern California Chapter page at for news and local events.

Here is an offical thank you (cheetah purr) for all of your support of my passionate cause:

Let’s save the cheetah! Cheetah purrs and my heartfelt love and huge thanks,

Marisa Katnic >^..^
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Southern California Chapter (“CCFSD”)

My Goal:
Amount Raised:
About my cause:
Dr. Laurie Marker is Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). A former Oregonian, Laurie Marker is a Time magazine “Hero for the Planet” award recipient, and is a world-renowned expert on the cheetah. CCF’s mission is “to secure habitats for the long-term survival of the cheetah and their ecosystem through multidiscipline and integrated programs of conservation, research and education.”

The fastest land animal on earth is also Africa‘s most endangered big cat. With only 12,000 wild cheetah left, the cheetah could disappear within 20 years. With your help, CCF can maintain the programs that will help the cheetah win its race for survival.
Please check out the award winning conservation and environmental ideas and programs highlighted on their website

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization #31-1726923 in the United States. Visit for more information.

Donor Date Donation Comment
Anonymous 2/5/2011 $5.00 In Loving Memory of Oliver
Craig DeRosa 3/6/2011 $100.00 God speed in saving our wildlife especially ones closest to our hearts
Allison and William Navarro 3/6/2011 $100.00 Run Marisa RUN !
Allison and William Navarro 3/6/2011 $100.00 Run Marisa RUN !
Donna Fahrni 3/6/2011 $50.00 You go Cheetah Girl!!
Shirley West 3/7/2011 $200.00 In Memory of the Cheetahs that have left this earth before their time!
Vesna Brandin 3/8/2011 $20.00 For Tippi and her feline heart.
Joanne Stasio 3/10/2011 $25.00 Good luck Marisa!!!!
Shelly Drozd 3/11/2011 $100.00 You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Broderick 3/11/2011 $100.00 For the cheetahs and all the cats
Lynnea Teters 3/11/2011 $5.00 Good Luck!
Cathleen Evans 3/11/2011 $20.00 Marisa, I love your passion. It becomes you!!! Good Luck!!!
Mike Friese 3/12/2011 $100.00 For all the exotic cats we have known and loved…
Liz Karch 3/12/2011 $100.00 Because you’re the BEST, Marisa!
victor cheetah 3/12/2011 puuurrrrsss
Lysa Stark 3/13/2011 $100.00 Wish I was going too! Thanks for all you do for our beloved cheetah 🙂
Amy Enfield 3/14/2011 $20.00 We really admire your passion xx
kathy trutanich 3/16/2011 $25.00 Go Girl!!
Amira Frantz 3/17/2011 $50.00 Habibi, I love anything you love. Cant wait to see you soon!!
Mary Nurse 3/18/2011 $25.00 Good luck Marisa!
Marcia McRill 3/18/2011 Run Marisa – run!
Jim Hansen 3/18/2011 $15.00 We love you.. Jim and Dan
Mike and Kay Gormley 3/20/2011 $10.00 Cheetah Presentation
Joyce Hall 3/20/2011 $5.00 Marisa – Just a little bit. Thanks, J
Chris Moore 3/20/2011 $25.00 Good luck Marisa

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