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Liberate due femmine a Bellebenno

We released two female cheetahs scheduled for re-wilding, Luna and Xena, today. The release went very smoothly, with the two cats running after the feeding baakie out the gate of their holding area into CCF’s 4,000ha Bellebeno game camp which is used for re-wilding. The two cheetahs, Luna and Xena were fitted with satellite collars to follow movements throughout the day and night. CCF rangers, Ryan and Rachel will be tracking them as well. The release occurred at 1pm today with a team of CCF staff and interns watching (and getting stuck in a hole). The cats were fed a carcass and had settled down after eating. They appeared interested in their new area and I’m sure will begin exploring this evening. We will provide updates regularly (but not daily) to keep everyone posted on their progress.
Other exciting events at CCF include goat kids being born (2 female dairy kids born today), along with lambs being born daily (15 more to go). Its raining really hard – nearly 50 mm in a couple hours this evening.

All other animals are doing well – we are expecting another liter of LSGD to be born at the end of the month to Kari, who is looking really healthy and our scat dogs are really liking their new trainer, Adam.

We have had a lot of special visitors – the British High Commissioner was here last weekend with her family, a group of learns from a Swedish highschool spent 2 days with us this week, we had a group of teachers from the Pacific Lutheran College in Washington State who are doing internships in Windhoek schools visited us, and a group who were Peace Corp volunteers 19 years ago visited us, and Dr. Rob Fleacher, the geneticist from the National Zoo in the US.

Laurie Marker


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