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25 Years of Saving the World to Save the Cheetah

In 2015, CCF turns 25. For a quarter of a century, we’ve been racing to save this iconic species from extinction. The good news is cheetahs are still with us, and CCF’s programs are growing stronger and generating more impact with each passing year!
To mark this momentous occasion, CCF will be celebrating in many different ways. One of the first is to renew our commitment to achieving a world in which cheetahs live and flourish in co-existence with people and the environment. We are determined to create a permanent place for cheetahs on Earth. But to be successful, we’ll need your support.
Here are some ways you can celebrate CCF’s 25th Anniversary and help us reach these goals:
Buy a special 25th Anniversary commemorative T-shirt here
Buy a gift for a cheetah –view our CCF Wish List
Sponsor a Livestock Guarding Dog
Spread the news about what CCF is doing to change the world! Share our website with your friends. Like us and share our updates on Facebook.
Buy A Future for Cheetahs, enjoy the exciting photography, learn more about cheetahs and their situation, and pass it around to delight and educate others.
Adopt a cheetah from CCF’s Sanctuary
Visit CCF Namibia to witness cheetahs in their natural environment, check out our new Visitor Centre and see the incredible progress we’ve made!
Our doors are open and we’re hoping to receive many visitors all year long. Will you join us?

LM with her first cheetah

LM with her first cheetah

LM with Cheetah
P.O. Box 2496, Alexandria, VA 22301 /


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