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Amiamo Angelina!

Ecco le parole di Angelina Jolie che ha posato in Namibia nel Centro di N’an ku’sê, dove da anni si occupa del recupero di animali selvatici:

“These cheetahs are not pets, nor should any wild animal ever be kept as one. They inspire us to help preserve these unique, majestic creatures in the wild, as just one of many steps to preserve the environment for future generations.”

Thank you to #AngelinaJolie, N/a’an ku sê, and Harper’s Bazaar for your editorial cover story about Namibia and conservation, especially the parts that mention cheetahs. The cheetah needs our help and Angelina Jolie’s letter from Namibia will go a long way to raise awareness about the plight of the wild cheetah and illegal wildlife trafficking. It will also help to raise the consciousness of the fashion industry in relation to wildlife products and the environment. This photo shoot and others like it are bringing conservation to a wider audience and we are very grateful for that.


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