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Invitation by the Animal Welfare and Conservation Intergroup of the European Parliament

Dear Member of the Animal Welfare Intergroup, Ladies and Gentlemen,


During the October Session, the European Parliament will host Dr LAURIE MARKER, Founder and Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, for a session on 25th October 2012, at 10 am in the Intergroup for the Welfare and Conservation of Animals (see attached agenda).


Dr Laurie Marker is a world known specialist in cheetah conservation and we would be happy to see her visit in Europe to be highly appreciated.


If you are interested to know more about the conservation efforts for the endangered cheetah and you would like to help the initiatives of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, then join for a fundraising dinnerwhich will take place on:


24th October 2012,


at 19.00 hrs


in the Restaurant Maison Kammerzell


16 place de la Cathedrale,




in the presence of DR.LAURIE MARKER, of the French, German and Italian associations that support CCF in Europe, of donors, scientists and conservationists who know about the importance of the CCF initiatives and projects.


The price of the dinner (a part of which will go to CCF) is 100€.


Your donation has a great impact on the work at CCF!


Please contact Betty von Hoenning, not later than the 15th October 2012, if you want to participate.



Betty von Hoenning, Cheetah Conservation Fund Support Group Italy



for more information: