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I cuccioli in Somalia strappati al commercio illecito – di Patricia Tricorache CCF

Aggiornamento su Dhoobi and Veep – Cuccioli somali recuperati al commercio illegale di specie selvatiche
di Patricia Tricorache

Illegal Pet Trade
During our recent visit in Somaliland with International Fund for Animal Welfare – IFAW, we were able to meet and evaluate our rescued cubs Dhoobi and Veep. They are growing in leaps and bounds. Dhoobi is now eight months’ old and Veep, ten. Veep, even with his incurable MBD (metabolic bone disease), seems to move better and better each time. He appears to be benefiting from the best possible care, which includes carefully-planned meals and nutritional supplements. He is cautious when playing and running, but has formed a tight bond with Dhoobi and evidently enjoy each other’s company.

Housing continues to be a concern as there is no rescue facility in country and we are not allowed to move them out of the country. However, the support we have received has provided the cubs with a secured house and a round-the-clock care taker. They have lots of room to run and roam, and plenty of sun to enjoy.

Additionally, during our trip we held a workshop to discuss a rescue center for confiscated animals as funding becomes available. A first stage: housing for confiscated gazelles, has just been completed by our partner GIZ.

We know we have many challenges ahead with these cubs, and others currently under investigation. Establishing a rescue center for them will take time and commitment from the authorities, but we are determined to continue doing everything in our power to make it happen and provide confiscated animals with the best possible conditions available in Somaliland.

I cuccioli in Somalia strappati al commercio illecito – di Patricia Tricorache CCF

Personaggio del giorno: James Slade

Canadese, giovane ed esperto, James Logan Slade è stato il mio ranger guida nel 2009 al CCF. Con lui ho imparato a riconoscere le impronte, e una giornata con lui era preziosa!La sua carriera in ascesa dimostra la sua grande passione per la natura. Ora ha fatto un altro balzo in avanti: leggete qui sotto l’intervista.

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